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Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are one of the most important tokens of love! Exchanged on the wedding day they will be part of your everyday life there after, and possibly becoming one of the most loved heirloom pieces for your kids and grandkids!

Molo Me loves being a part of this process - it's a very exciting time for everyone involved and it is an honour to be chosen to facilitate something so important.

I offer a FREE CONSULTATIONS in East Dulwich SE22 where we discuss all of the design details and you can try on our samples. During the consultation we can also discuss REUSING OLD JEWELLERY to form new bands!

Please CONTACT ME  to arrange a meeting!

For customers that do not live locally - we can order wedding bands without prior consultation but will need certain information to make the order happen, so please read on!

Classic bands are specially ordered in UK and available in a range of metals - 9ct and 18ct yellow, white and rose gold but also in platinum and palladium. We also offer recycled gold wedding bands upon request. It is also possible for me to use heirloom pieces to form new rings, if you want your wedding band to be even more special!


What to consider when choosing a band:


  • 9ct gold - available in three colours - yellow, white and rose - is a popular choice thanks to its hardness and for being budget friendly. Yellow colour of 9ct is much softer and not as bright yellow of 18ct gold. White colour of 9ct gold, that is non-rhodium plated, is a bright, slightly yellow tinted colour. 
  • 18ct gold - also available in three colours, yellow, white and rose is one of the ultimate metal for wedding bands! The colours are richer than in 9ct gold and are considered a luxury option for wedding bands. 18ct gold is softer when compared to 9ct gold but is also a very durable metal which will past the test of time. White 18ct gold can or 
  • Platinum - for the longest of time the most luxurious of metals that has been beloved through decades by customers and jewellers alike. A very hardy metal, of considerable weight with a silvery grey colour. Platinum is hypoallergenic so ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The purity is 95%, highest available on the market
  • Palladium - a relatively new metal on the market palladium is a precious metal used in white gold alloys to 'bleach' them of their natural yellow colour. Palladium belongs to Platinum Group Metals and just like Platinum it is hypoallergenic. It is softer than Platinum but harder than gold - which makes it a very good option for everyday jewellery like wedding bands. Available in 95% purity.

As a side note, if tradition had its way, the couple would usually go for matching colour, however we live in modern times and expression of your individuality is one of the blessing of modern times - it is now more common to go for different bands that matching ones!

To rhodium or not to rhodium?

Rhodium is a hardy metal, one of six of Platinum Group Metals that is most often used on white gold to give it bright silver appearance. Even though rhodium plating is durable, it will eventually wear away and the white gold's original colour will show through. Good news is that jewellery (and in this case wedding bands) can always be re-plated, however it needs to be noted that this will incur a cost for the service. At Molo Me you can opt out of rhodium plating and have your rings natural white gold. We also offer re-plating services. Below you will find the colour comparison of all the metals.





Profile refers to the shape of a cross section of the band. There are four profiles we use for online orders:

  • Court - rounded both on inside and outside. It's the most popular and classic shape. It's widely considered to be the most comfortable  thanks to its smooth rounded edges. It may however feel slightly bulkier and doesn't sit as close to the skin as the flat or D-shape profile rings.
  • Flat court - rounded on the inside and straight on the outside. It provides the comfort of the court band, with a more modern look. 
  • D-shaped - popular classic profile, domed on the outside with a flat surface on the inside (the opposite of flat court). Tend to appear slightly more rounded looking than the Court profile. Sits closely to the skin.
  • Flat - straight on the inside and outside, with crisp edges. It's preferred by those who like a modern, sharp look. Sits closely to the skin.



Molo Me offers different widths - from 2mm to 6mm in classic designs or custom width for bespoke wedding bands. The choice of the width largely depends on what an individual is comfortable with and it is not dictated by how big or small your hand is.  The advantage of having an in-store consultation is that you can try out the samples and see what is the most appealing and comfortable width for you.



All of the above factors are quite straightforward to choose once you've seen the samples and tried them on. With size, however, you need a bit of time and careful consideration and although there are different sizing guides like this one, we highly recommend that you come to our store and have your fingers measured by one of our specialists. Size can vary quite a bit depending on the width of the band (the wider the band, the bigger the size), the position of the ring on the finger (if you wear it next to the engagement ring, either under or above) or the particularities of your finger's shape (prominent or inconspicuous knuckles). 



The finish is the outer texture of the band and there are quite a few options. We usually provide the wedding bands in two finishes: high polish and brushed, but we can provide alternatives such as hammered or reticulated. Please note that polished and matt finish are temporary and will wear away eventually - high polish will dull down and matt will polish up. Both can be redone upon request.