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Big Flat(ish) Purple Baroque Pearl Earrings

Molo Me

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Big Flat(ish) Purple Baroque Pearl Earrings

Divine earrings of incredible colour and iridescence! Baroque pearls are one of the most desired gems thanks to their organic irregularity, the direct opposite of another in-demand gem - perfect round pearl. Our earrings are made of unusual limited quantity purple freshwater pearls, their delicate pink hue enhanced by rainbow opalescence. Baroque pearls are perfect for people who like to underline their individuality!

These earring differ from our other Purple Baroque Earrings with size and slightly flatter appearance. We offer necklace with our flat(ish) purple baroque pearls too!


Measurements: The overall drop approximately 3cm.

Materials: 9 carat gold and purple baroque pearls. 

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